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Ayaymama Eco Lodge & Expeditions is located near the village of Pampa-Caño approximately 116 kms (72.08 miles) west of Iquitos. Access is by road, Iquitos to Nauta, 1.5 hours and then by boat, Nauta to Ayaymama Lodge, 1-2 hours. The lodge is located inside the creek of Pampa-Caño that takes the name of the village. It is a very unique environment as it has direct access to sections of the jungle with extensive fauna and flora which cannot be found in facilities closer to the city.

We are further afield than most lodges which is essential if you want to see a lot of wildlife. Apart from the nature immersion that the jungle offers, we are located near a cocama village, a group of indigenous people.The bungalows are built on stilts to avoid flooding which takes place during the wet season, February-March.

Ayaymama Eco lodge & Expeditions is sorrounded by a beautiful garden and primary forest. The lodge has a total of 4 private spacious rooms, All the rooms are protected by fine mesh netting to prevent any unwanted winged intruders. There is a dining room with chairs, coffee table and a bar area. There is also a hammack house, a table with books and games. Electricity is available to our guests from a generator from 6pm-9pm. Bottled drinking water is also provided to all our guests. Upon arrival to the lodge, each guest will be greeted with a Pisco Sour which is considered to be a South American classic.

Each reservation will have their own personal bilingual naturalist guide with whom they can organize what they they will do each day. All excursions are flexible depending on the needs of each guest.

Time of the excursions can also be changed depending on the weather. Your stay and adventures are up to you, we are flexible and diverse as the Amazon itself. Three well balanced meals are provided each day highlighting regional produce. fresh and balanced ingredients. We have an extensive rotation of staff from the surrounding communities that serve as local guides, gardeners, waiters, drivers and maid service.

AYAYMAMA is the name of a bird known as common potoo.
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The founders of Ayaymama Eco Lodge & Expeditions are 2 brothers, Alan and Pepe who were born and live in Pampa-Caño village.

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Ayaymama Eco Lodge & Expeditions is located near the village of Pampa-Caño approximately 116 kms (72.08 miles) west of Iquitos

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Offers specialized excursions for anyone wishing to experience as well as serious birdwatchers where you will see many species of birds

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Cal. Central #4 Loreto - Maynas - Punchana - Iquitos - Perú

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